First chapter of my new poor self-perception book — Please give me feedback!

Chapter One

Living with the Beasts

I remember Sunday evenings were the worst for me; the thought of school the next day filled me with more than just dread. Gone would be the safety of my home…

I remember being about ten years old when I was in line for an achievement certificate. I still have that certificate.

It sits in a file on my desk, and sometimes when I page through it looking for pertinent identity proof items, I see it and doff my proverbial hat…

Over the years as a counselor and self-help writer, I have become acutely aware of something: people generally misunderstand self-care.

Image source: Unsplash

When I say the word “self-care,” what comes to mind?

Most people think of bubble baths and facemasks. And while that forms part of self-care rituals and people walk around…

Jesse Munro

Author of “The Art of Sober Self-Care.” People appreciator, counselor, liver of life, and self-care expert.

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