First chapter of my new poor self-perception book — Please give me feedback!

Chapter One

Living with the Beasts

I remember Sunday evenings were the worst for me; the thought of school the next day filled me with more than just dread. Gone would be the safety of my home…


4 ways to champion a sober weekend

This is what laughing Yoga feels like (source: Unsplash)

You’ve made it through the week. You have dragged yourself through each day like a champion. There used to be a reward at the end of the day or with the weekend’s arrival in the past. It used to be a glass of wine (more likely a bottle), maybe even…

Are you dealing with a secret, covert, or introverted Narcissist?

We all know that particular someone who enters the room and makes a spectacle of themselves. You know, the one who laughs a little too loud, the one who makes loud exclamations and draws attention to how fabulous, funny, or…

What if old married couples have toxicity and not love?

“Just don’t tell that story again — no one wants to hear it!” — she said.

He instantly shut up, seeming uncomfortable and embarrassed but maintaining polite kindness towards her before exiting the room quickly.

A few moments later, he…

“Just don’t think about it” is the biggest thief of our time and human experience.

Thanks Unsplash for this one.

I recently got into a conversation (as recent as yesterday) with someone who questioned my alcohol-free and “first, do no harm” approach to living.

I was minding my own business (well, mostly) and deeply engrossed…

How to spruce up your mood with soulful self-care

Bah humbug! That used to be me first thing in the morning. Let’s get real; some mornings are harder to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than others.

Thanks Unsplash for this one

And for me, it became even harder when I decided to quit drinking, tussle…

I remember being about ten years old when I was in line for an achievement certificate. I still have that certificate.

It sits in a file on my desk, and sometimes when I page through it looking for pertinent identity proof items, I see it and doff my proverbial hat…

Over the years as a counselor and self-help writer, I have become acutely aware of something: people generally misunderstand self-care.

Image source: Unsplash

When I say the word “self-care,” what comes to mind?

Most people think of bubble baths and facemasks. And while that forms part of self-care rituals and people walk around…

There have been a multitude of occasions where I wish I could take the sober girl or guy at a party to one side and say one simple sentence to them; “Your sobriety is inspiring.”

The timing of this sentence would, of course, be significant. Perhaps if I told them…

Jesse Munro

Author of “The Art of Sober Self-Care.” People appreciator, counselor, liver of life, and self-care expert.

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